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Formed in 1979, Associated Bahamian Distillers and Brewers Limited (ABDAB) is a holding company of  the group that at one time formed one of the principal employers in The Bahamas, controlled a substantial amount of Bay Street (the economic centre of tourist Nassau), was the leading retailer at Atlantis (the world famous premiere resort on Paradise Island) and was one of the largest publicly owned companies in The Bahamas. ABDAB's investments have encompassed a broad array, including Real Estate Investment, Advertising, Public Relations, Manufacturing, Distributing and the Retailing of many internationally known brands. Its international business partners have included Heineken and Bacardi.

Back in 1979, ABDAB  originally owned 100% of Burns House Limited (BHL), Bethell Robertson Limited (BRC) and 15% of Commonwealth Brewery Limited (CBL). The company held its initial public offering in 1985 after which ABDAB increased its share holding in CBL to 20%. After a number of share swapping and other arrangements ABDAB has ended up with a 78.8% ownership in BHL and 47% of CBL, with Heineken retaining the remaining shares. In 2000, Butler & Sands, Wholesale Wines & Spirits, Todhunter-Mitchell Distilleries and Lucayan Ship Chandlers were acquired by BHL. In 2004, Solomon's Mines was acquired by Bethell Robertson.

On 17th May 2010 ABDAB sold its interests in Commonwealth Brewery and Burns House to Heineken International B.V.  Part of the consideration was several prime pieces of real estate effectively transforming ABDAB into a Real Estate Investment Company.


ABDAB shares are offered by CFAL over the counter Securities; transactions and values are listed every day in the Business section of The Nassau Guardian and The Tribune.

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